How long does it take to write an essay?

By expert Joshua Hudson

So, How long does it take to write an essay? The answer is: from a few hours to a whole week, depending on the length and complexity of an essay, on average. Usually, students write essays without the help of any essay writing service, however, sometimes different circumstances may get in the way, e.g. work and family duties. In that case, students would rely on an essay writer service, such as:
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The most common questions in essay writing (+ proven answers)     

How to start off an essay?Every essay should follow a defined structure, beginning with an introduction. An introduction should literally introduce your essay to the reader, which means to interest, to explain, and to intrigue your reader or readers. A typical introduction should consist of one or two paragraphs and be not more than 10% of your overall essay in length (measured in a number of words or sometimes symbols). In your introduction, you should include the thesis statement or the key question you are going to answer.
How to start an essay introduction?An introduction is a critically important part of an essay, hence the beginning of an introduction is of paramount importance. Begin your introduction with an interesting fact, an eye-catching quote, a curious question, or a mind-blowing revelation – anything would do as long as it instantly catches your reader’s attention. It is appropriate to be vague at the start of an introduction, or to state something obvious and boring, neither is it a good idea to start off with a too-long sentence. 
How to write a hook in an essay?A hook in an essay is meant to catch your reader’s attention and to never let it slip away until the very end of your story. A hook should securely hold your reader by offering something “tasty” and attractive. This can be your main thesis statement, an important debate you are going to start, a question, or a sensation you are going to talk about. The key is to not give your audience too much information – otherwise, the intrigue will be gone and they would quickly lose interest in reading further. 
How long should an essay be?A typical college essay is 1-3 pages long and consists of 500-1000 words. A high school essay may be shorter (down to 400 words), while a graduate-level college essay may be as long as 5000-words and occupy up to 10-12 pages. In most cases, teachers would communicate clear requirements on the volume. However, if you are not sure, it’s always wise to ask your teacher or classmates. 
How many paragraphs in an essay?An average essay consists of 3-5 paragraphs. Depending on the level (high school, college application, university, or fellowship) and complexity, the number of essay paragraphs may vary from 3 to 10 and more. Always allow for at least one introductory paragraph, one to three main body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph. 
How to cite an article in an essay?The rules for citing articles in essays are often underestimated. However, there is more value in them than most students think. Professors often demand extensive citing and could accuse students of plagiarism if they fail to cite their sources correctly. To cite an article, look up and mention its name, publication date, and author. Also, include your article in the reference list on the very last page of your paper. Check out different citing styles, such as MLA, AP, APA, Chicago, for exact citing rules.  


It is critically important to follow a correct essay structure (introduction, the main body, and conclusion) and a logically coherent story-flow, as these things have the power to decide the success of your end goal, such as a high grade in class, college application, fellowship, etc. 

How long does it take to write an essay? The answer is highly dependent on your writing skills and the time available. In any case, there is nothing wrong with turning to an essay writing service to help with your task. Professional essay writer services, such as (affordable and fast-working), (offering greater variability and customization), or (emphasizing quality writing) can save your day and class grades!  

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